Personal brand


Your personality is important

Personal brand – 2000s sharpest competitive edge
To consciously build ones personal reputation – Personal Branding – is a fairly new concept. However, the phenomenon has existed tendon ancient times, for example, described like “reputation”. But it becomes more relevant as we become more connected and interconnected. All brands compete with everyone, in all markets. Even the personal brands. Whether you’re a job seeker at the beginning of their careers, an expert or in other contexts to show who you are. 1000s of people can do your job – what makes you special? There is nothing superficial hocus pocus, but is fundamentally about two things: Who are you, and how do you communicate it?

How and why is more important than what
Most can be copied, usually faster than we can blink. Being unique on rational facts is virtually impossible. Instead, it will be about emotions. The winners will be those with the ability to create an emotional relationship that can not be copied. That is why the interest in personal branding is increasing exponentially. The ability to build lasting relationships are essential to success today. We must not trust in the company, we have confidence in the people. This means that no longer about what you do but how you do and how it is to cooperate with you . That means you have to take control over how you are perceived by others. And you must be able to answer the question of why you do what you do; what drives you, what values ​​you have, what you believe in and what you want to be a part of.

Not perfect but very popular
Personal brand is not about being perfect or bragging. Neither of fame. No, strong personal brands are authentic and based on who you really are and how to use “Your Best You,” to create value. Having a strong personal brand helps to:

– That you get the job, the customers and the friends you want.
– More people want to listen to what you have to say.
– Increased reputation.
– More people become interested in you.
– Self-confidence

Personal branding is simply the 2000s way to manage your reputation and your career. It is about understanding and taking control of how you are perceived by others.

“Personal branding is the art of Becoming knowable, likable and trustable.” (John Jantsch)

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